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How We Can Help

Rapid Notify can help you keep your business running during unexpected situations by mobilizing and informing employees, keeping management and stakeholders abreast of developments, and notifying customers and vendors of potential issues. Business continuity requires comprehensive incident management and communication to help organizations to speed recovery, minimize loss, and maintain public confidence.

Alert Staff, Stakeholders and Customers

Choose Rapid Notify to help you communicate in a quick, efficient, and reliable manner to protect lives, prevent or limit financial loss, and avoid misinformation. Our system provides valuable communication capabilities applicable not only to emergency and unplanned situations, but routine activities as well.

The advantages of using Rapid Notify as your mass notification service provider include:

  • Multiple Communication Channels – Send messages out via one or more modalities, such as voicemail, email, and SMS Text. With Rapid Notify's optional In-Bound 800 Number, you can keep callers informed with your latest message.
  • Affordable – We can customize a payment method and schedule to suit your needs. In addition to our competitive pricing structure, there is NO CHARGE FOR EMERGENCY CALLS.
  • Easy Data Management – With unlimited contact lists you can create multiple distribution groups based on your own criteria such as department or location. The online Self-Registration option keeps contact data up-to-date and privacy compliant.
  • Marketing – Mass marketing via promotional text, email or voice message provides powerful technology for your advertising campaigns in lieu of, or in addition to, traditional means.
  • Comprehensive Reporting – View alert results in real-time via the online dashboard. Detailed reports are downloadable for your auditing needs.

Situational Uses / Brochure

  • Crisis Situations (Workplace Violence, Fire, Security Breach, Bomb Threats, etc.)
  • Network Failures / Data Disruptions
  • Merchant Fraud Alerts
  • Severe Weather Warnings
  • Building Evacuation Notices
  • Employee Polling
  • Appointment Confirmations
  • Special Event Notifications
  • Scheduled Fire or Emergency Drills

Business Continuity Brochure

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