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Healthcare facilities, Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies use Rapid Notify to communicate quickly and easily in any situation, whether it is disaster response, surge planning or managing staff schedules. The Rapid Notify mass notification system can help you quickly and efficiently deliver messages to tens, hundreds, or thousands of recipients. Communicate with any size group in multiple modalities such as text messaging, cell phone, smartphone, email, and voicemail.

Alert Staff and Security

From routine staff announcements regarding shift openings to disaster mass-callbacks, Rapid Notify helps you communicate in less time using fewer resources, allowing you to focus on facility safety, security, customer and patient care.

The advantages of using Rapid Notify as your mass notification service provider include:

  • Affordable – We can customize a payment method and schedule to suit your needs. In addition to our competitive pricing structure, there is NO CHARGE FOR EMERGENCY CALLS.
  • Internal Communications Desk – With the optional internal staff Communications Desk module, you can easily share shift openings, events, incidents, and general messages via SMS Text Message and/or Email.
  • Disaster Preparedness – Set up unlimited Contact Lists and Alert Messages to prepare for various disaster scenarios for quick activation. With Rapid Notify's optional In-Bound 800 Number, you can keep callers informed with your latest message and free up vital lines of communication.
  • Delivery to Multiple Communication Devices – Assign up to three phone numbers to the same contact record in addition to an SMS Text number and email address. The system will cycle through phone numbers to make multiple attempts to reach your audience.
  • Ease of Use – Simple non-technical operation with system access via the Internet or by Phone 24-hours a day. Quick and easy implementation gets you up and running on your schedule.

Situational Uses / Brochure

  • Staff Polling
  • Product Recalls
  • CDC Advisories
  • Evacuation Notices
  • Severe Weather Warnings
  • Mass Casualties / Hospital Diversion
  • Physician Location Requests
  • Special Event Notifications
  • Scheduled Fire or Emergency Drills

Healthcare Industry Brochure

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