Rapid Notify Introduces New Communications Desk for Internal and Staffing Communications / News

Rapid Notify, Inc. recently announced the addition of a powerful new Communications Desk to its comprehensive suite of mass notification services.

The Rapid Notify Communications Desk offers internal communications and staffing communications modules for real-time, two-way communications with individuals or groups of any size.

The Internal Communications Center (ICC) module enables customers to monitor real-time messages from a central communications dashboard. The ICC can communicate via email and SMS text with individuals and groups quickly and easily anywhere, anytime, across any type of device.

Pre-configured message templates can be saved in the ICC to help improve message speed, consistency and accuracy when seconds count. Messages can be sent to specific contacts or groups of contacts. Resource tags can help to quickly identify contacts with applicable attributes such as department, location, skill, etc.

With the optional Staffing Communications Center (SCC) module, Rapid Notify customers can share and fill shift openings or requests for specified numbers of resources with individuals, groups or priority groups. Message recipients can accept or decline and when an opening is filled, and any further respondents are informed that the opening is no longer available. Powerful group logic can be used to give priority for open positions based on seniority, location or other characteristic and move contacts to the bottom of a priority list based on acceptance or other action.

Both the ICC and SCC modules retain communication transcripts for audit and accountability reporting. Role based permissions allow organizations to restrict access to one or more modules including administration.

“We want to provide our customers with the necessary tools for a real-time interactive communication strategy,” said Steve Sipe, president of Rapid Notify. “Our new Communications Desk helps to provide actionable situational intelligence. When paired with the powerful staffing capability, priority group targeting, and recipient feedback, the Communications Desk provides an unparalleled ability for organizations to comprehensively manage critical communications activities.”