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White Papers

What is IPAWS?

The subject of IPAWS comes up often with our customers and it can be a confusing and complicated system to explain. We have put together a comprehensive white paper explaining what IPAWS is, what it can do for you, and how it works in connection with the Rapid Notify system.

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How Long Will the Call Out Take?

It seems to be a simple problem solved by simple math. Take the total number of calls in the callout, divide by the number of calls made simultaneously, and multiply by the length of the message in seconds or minutes… Simple enough. Not quite. Read about the many complexities of mass notification systems that directly impact calling time.

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Mass Notification “Toolbox”

There are numerous ways available to notify people and each of them can be considered a “tool” for emergency warning. The combination of all the tools available resides in a “toolbox”, any combination of which is available for emergency management. Each tool has its strengths and weaknesses, and no one tool is perfect. A variable combination of tools is needed to ensure quick and efficient notification. We need to define the “Perfect System” to understand the tools we need in the toolbox.

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Case Studies

Ameren Corporation

This case study details how Ameren Corporation utilizes Rapid Notify during Functional Exercises, for the Bagnell Dam and Taum Sauk Plant in Missouri, to educate response agencies on the use of mass notification alerts.

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Harnett County, North Carolina

When local law enforcement was notified of a missing elderly woman, they requested assistance from Harnett County Emergency Services with a targeted Rapid Notify alert. Read about how the county sent geographically targeted messages to residents within a radius from where the missing person was last seen.

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Municipality of Port Hope

When an exercise becomes the real thing. Port Hope was in the early stages of preparing to test the Rapid Notify system for the first time, when their emergency exercise had to be scrapped due to a real emergency situation. Read about how the Emergency Operations Centre relied on Rapid Notify to communicate with residents during the emergency.

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Rapid Notify Brochure

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