Severe Weather Warnings

Alert your citizens, staff and first-responders automatically via SMS Text Message and/or Email with weather warnings issued by the National Weather Service.

How it works?

Rapid Notify Severe Weather Warnings deliver automated and targeted alert notifications via SMS Text Message and/or Email. Precision-targeted alerts specific to county or state areas are generated automatically moments after being issued by the National Weather Service.

What are the benefits?

Automatic Alert Triggering – As the severe weather events occur, alerts are delivered automatically any time of day. The automation removes manual intervention and reduces response time to activate emergency alerts and notify personnel.

Targeted – Precision-targeted early warning notifications are based on the National Weather Service’s polygon methodology. Only those in the path of projected weather are contacted.

Privacy – Alert recipients can self-register and create their own profile to receive severe weather warnings and may change their settings at any time. Alerts are only delivered to those who have opted in. All contact information remains private.