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Municipalities and Government Agencies of all sizes rely on Rapid Notify’s mass notification service to deliver critical information and instructions to first-responders, city staff and officials, and provide emergency instructions to residents and businesses.


Healthcare facilities, Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies use Rapid Notify to communicate quickly and easily in any situation, whether it is disaster response, surge planning or managing staff schedules.

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Corporate/ Retail

Rapid Notify can help you keep your business running during unexpected situations by mobilizing and informing employees, keeping management and stakeholders abreast of developments, and notifying customers and vendors of potential issues.

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Utilities & Energy

Rapid Notify provides powerful incident management communication tools for electric, nuclear, oil, gas and other utility corporations. Minimize potential property loss, maintain public confidence, and manage your internal response in any type of situation

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When your staff and budget is stretched tight, Rapid Notify can provide the affordable communication solution for non-profit organizations of all types and sizes. Our web-based service eliminates the need to invest in expensive hardware, software, and other equipment.

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Educational Institutions

Educational institutions across North America rely on Rapid Notify’s mass notification service to send fast and reliable notifications that can inform students and parents, and protect campuses during an emergency. Rapid Notify is also used to support daily school operations and communicate about time-sensitive matters.

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